Thrayambika Vidya Mandir, was started with the aim of pursuit of meaningful holistic education. 

Based in Kulasekharam, Kanya Kumari District on a sprawling 7 acre campus, it houses extraordinary facilities and infrastructure that makes children feel at home and provides an environment of safety and growth . 

With exceptional design and constant upgrades, the school offers a perfect atmosphere conducive to learning, adopting innovative pedagogical skills. The TV Mandir is a co-ed Institution offering CBSE( proposed) curriculum along with an array of Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. 

Our team of highly trained and motivated teaching and nonteaching staff members ensures that the School works towards nurturing young minds and moulding competent and proficient individuals.

Our skilled and experienced teachers not only unlock the knowledge that lies within books, but also instil the qualities and moral values that make for an honest, responsible and dignified personality.

The Thrayambika Vidya Mandir’s future will be shaped by the core values: excellence, Innovation, inclusiveness, experimentation, and respect .

The T.V.Mandir  prepares students to comprehend, respond to, and effectively intervene in a rapidly changing society and succeed, thus contributing to making the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students, through sound education, competency development, & personality nurturing, develop skills that are essential for success and leadership in the global canvas. We will also lead in instilling practical and theoretical knowledge, self worth, happiness  in children that enables them to better understand themselves in relation to our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

Our vision aligns with our values of inclusiveness, ethical behaviour respect and excellence –through Creativity, innovation, and challenging the status quo, continually affect what and how we teach and realise the intellectual, social, artistic, athletic and holistic ambitions of the child as a global citizen.

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